FALKEN Tires Receive Top Marks in ADAC Tire Testing

Mar 22, 2021

FALKEN is pleased to announce that FALKEN AZENIS FK510 tires received the No. 1 overall rating in recent tire testing performed by Europe’s largest automotive federation: ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V. (English: General German Automobile Club)).

ADAC evaluated our FALKEN AZENIS FK510 tires (Size: 225/50R17 98Y) mounted on an Audi A4 and found that they provided outstanding performance under both wet and dry driving conditions, making them excellent all-around summer tires. In particular, AZENIS FK510 received high marks for hydroplaning and wet grip performance during wet testing, as well as for handling and braking performance, etc. during dry testing. As a result, our tires received the highest overall rating among all of the tires that ADAC evaluated.

Thanks to the adoption of a specialized rubber compound and an asymmetrical tread pattern design, FALKEN AZENIS FK510 tires provide superior handling, braking and high-speed stability, thus attaining a level of performance befitting the flagship tire of the FALKEN Brand. The results of this recent round of testing by ADAC serve as further proof of the all-around high performance of FALKEN Tires.