FALKEN “AZENIS FK510 SUV” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for the New TOYOTA “YARIS CROSS GR SPORT”

Aug 23, 2022

FALKEN is pleased to announce that we have begun supplying our high-performance FALKEN “AZENIS FK510 SUV” tires to Toyota Motor Corporation for use as factory standard tires on their latest model “YARIS CROSS GR SPORT,” which launched in August 2022.Our FALKEN “AZENIS FK510 SUV” tires provide such a high level of performance when it comes to wet grip and steering stability that Toyota has introduced them as “tires that support sporty driving” in the vehicle catalog for the “YARIS CROSS GR SPORT.”

As the latest entry in the “GR SPORT” series of sports cars, the “YARIS CROSS GR SPORT” was developed under the design concept of “motorsports as the basis for building better cars” and so features a reinforced body and finely tuned suspension in order to achieve greatly improved all-around driving performance. Maintaining the refined yet sporty styling of the YARIS CROSS series as well as the level of utility that only an SUV can provide, this latest model features versatility alongside sporty maneuverability for precise steering in the city and on winding country roads alike.

Meanwhile, FALKEN “AZENIS FK510 SUV” is a premium SUV tire that brings together both riding comfort and sportiness, making it a perfect fit for the “YARIS CROSS GR SPORT.”
“AZENIS FK510 SUV” adopts an asymmetrical tread pattern that optimizes the distribution of pressure throughout the contact patch, providing added strength and durability at the outer edge of the tread, which is subjected to extreme stress during high-speed cornering. In addition, a new design also brings the tire profile closer to a perfect circle for greater sidewall flexibility, which in turn provides even better steering stability at higher speeds.
On top of that, “AZENIS FK510 SUV” also adopts a specialized “Silica Compound” that optimizes the polymer on the nanoscale while increasing silica content in order to further improve overall tire performance. With this compound, we have succeeded in making only the contact patch softer while maintaining steady rubber rigidity throughout the rest of the tire. As a result, these tires provide the same high level of grip performance on wet roads as dry roads, as the rubber in the contact patch deforms to fit the tiny crevices and bumps between the tire and the road for more solid contact even on wet roads.